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Helping Sheilas’ Wheels win the FNOL race

Sheilas' Wheels needed more visibility into their customers' claims. We opened up a completely new channel between Sheilas' Wheels and its customers. We helped Sheilas' Wheels to win the FNOL race while improving their CX.
We built a bespoke insurance app to improve the claims experience for customers and Sheilas Wheels’ insurance brokers. We helped to increase its service value and build trust between with customers. All of this while reducing fraud across-the-board.


Sheilas’ Wheels wasn’t getting enough information from claimants.

Sheilas’ Wheels (part of the esure brand) was launched in 2005 to take care of customers’ car, home and travel insurance needs all under one roof. But to provide this service, Sheilas’ Wheels needs accurate information about its customers and the claims they make.

Many people believe that the more information they give to their insurance providers, the higher the penalty and the lower the payout. But for insurers, this information is everything. Without it, companies like Sheilas’ Wheels are unable to challenge high prices from competitors, manufacturers and repairers. They’re also unable to identify fraudulent claims without challenging their customers and damaging their customer experience.

So Sheilas’ Wheels approached with one key question: how can we use mobile technology to decrease the chance of fraud in a way that customers love?


We saw an opportunity to transform motor insurance claims.

We worked with an internal innovation lab to prototype, pilot and produce a bespoke insurance app for the esure brand. We explored esure’s full solutions across home, motor and mobile insurance. Based on this, we identified motor insurance as an ideal focus for the project.

Following an accident or collision, drivers are often under a huge amount of stress. This means key information is missed which makes it more difficult for claims adjusters to provide accurate settlements. The longer the time between when an incident occurs and the claim is made, the more chance there is for fraud too. So Sheilas’ Wheels needed a solution that made it easy for customers to capture information at the time of the collision.

To do this, we took an agile approach so we could build and update the app fast. We also worked in focused sprints with a small team at esure. So we could avoid involving other departments like legal and marketing. This way, we were able to pilot and prototype a solution in just a couple of months. All in at a relatively low cost with little risk.


We tested our solution with over 300 of Sheilas’ Wheels employees.

After just a couple of months of development, we were able to test the prototype insurance app with over 300 members of staff. This helped us to test the concept and prove its benefit in the real world. 

We set up fake accident scenes at esure’s offices and ran through various scenarios with staff who were pretending to be customers. This helped us to explore a wide range of user journeys and gave us feedback on how the app would work in the real world. From our user testing, we received feedback on usability. But we also had users coming back with ideas for how to expand the project across the entire claims journey.

The insurance app proved the benefit of mobile technology to motor insurance claims. Through an easy-to-use interface, we transformed the claims process making it convenient and helpful for customers to report incidents at the time. Getting this information helps Sheilas’ Wheels to win the FNOL race, giving them the data to challenge competitors and reduce their cost per claim. All in a way that improves the customer experience for claimants and builds trust.

Looking forward, insurance apps will play a big part in improving engagement within the insurance industry. With such a limited number of touch points, it’s no wonder that 30% of customers haven’t had a single positive experience with their provider. But through a bespoke insurance app, providers can build trust and form long-term relationships with their customers.

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